Partner Project with Andrew Flynn

Problem Statement

The average plastic bags used in today's grocery stores are a wasteful product and a harm to the environment. Most consumers tend to only need a few items from produce, but for such a small amount food being consumed there's still too much waste involved    


With this project, we were tasked with finding a green alternative solution to the one-use bags found in today’s grocery stores. We decided to focus our design on its ability to be machine washable, comfortable to use and easy to carry (whether on foot, or bicycle).


The Small Bag

The Large Bag


Both bags make use a button system to clip on to the steel wire frame of the shopping cart.

To seal the produce, Uma uses drawstrings to tighten and loosen the bag  

The Small Bag is designed to utilize vertical storage space to separate produce items 

Hanging bags

The Large bag is designed to collect a sizable volume of produce in one place 


The materials used in the body of these bags are a polyester-nylon dry fit weave. The same materials are often found in sports clothing for their ability to collect moisture, stretch, and for their light weight properties

The pull tie cord is made up of weaved nylon for strength and durability