• Patrick Millar

Schools Are Getting Rid of Lockers?

Yup, schools are getting rid of lockers. Sean Connor, a principal with Pfluger Architects, a large Texas firm that focuses on school construction says that "It's a pretty big change that has taken place over the last few years. It used to be the standard to provide individual lockers for every student. Now, the standard is no lockers or, at most, just a few."

For the most part, these students are considering convenience and time when it comes to their schooling. It's much easier for them to simply carry around their backpacks, with everything they need in them, instead of heading to their lockers to exchange material and there are a few reasons for this. Some schools may be too big for the students to walk to their lockers, other schools may have a theft and problem, and students may influence other students causing for growing trend.

"This carryall approach probably ensures a steady stream of patients for chiropractors, and it bewilders parents who don't understand why their kids can't just use an assigned locker to store their stuff" (Joe Heim).

The point being, is that with more students carrying their bags for longer periods of time, their is also a growing need for backpacks that alleviate physical strain to help the younger generation grow into healthy adults


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