• Patrick Millar

Mentor Experience

After meeting with Lee Fletcher, I left the office with a positive experience and outlook on my project. Lee talked to me about branding, and the directions I should further look into so that I can target the intended audience (highschool students) with confidence in function and aesthetics. Lee clued in pretty quickly that I have two groups of demographic, or atleast a major demographic and a minor. The major demographic being highschool students, in which I must focus on aesthetics and popular trends to style my work. The minor demographic being the parents, who typically buys the bag for their child. We discussed that with the parents, I should focus functional features, as simply relying on aesthetics wouldn't cut it with most adults. And so, through this outcome I found that the style must be simple with a clean look (avoiding styles similar to more technical bags) but the features on the bag must be functional, as to achieve a backpack that follows my researched criteria. Through this experience with ee I found that I must strike a balance between function and aesthetic with a focus on comfortable straps and robust materials for a lasting bag.

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