• Patrick Millar

How are young students effected by backpacks?

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Young students (elementary to middle school) are particularly susceptible to developing poor posture over time, as their bodies are still maturing. The issue is that when a person carries a heavy backpack, and they do not have the strength developed to endure it, their bodies will counter the weight by leaning forward, creating a misaligned posture and forward head.

On top of this, by working out a muscle consistently in a poor form, they create an imbalance in their muscles which can lead issues with the bone structure, spinal system, and nervous system, and can then lead to pain.

Studies also show that back pain is on the rise for teenagers as well. Sources link this pain to two main problems, sitting for an excessive amount of time through out the day, and carrying backpacks that are too heavy for their bodies.

Although they may not feel the repercussions right away, poor posture is an influence on creating larger issues that can make these younger people prone to injury in the future.

In summary, the human back was not designed to carry excessive weight. Weight causes strain over time on smaller muscles, causing the body to misalign itself in an effort to account for the weight

Anyone carrying a backpack should not carry a load more than 20% of their body weight. ex. If someone weighs 150 lbs. their backpack should not exceed 30 lbs

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